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Seeing the Signs – Positivity Blog Series 3 of 5

April 25th, 2017 | Author: OmahaBikes
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Here at Omaha Bikes, we strive to focus on positivity. May is Bike Month, and we want to hear stories from you about how biking is a positive experience. Look for future posts on how you can share the fun and maybe with a prize for your positivity!

Even with our positivity focus, we sometimes must approach difficult advocacy issues to keep people on bikes safe! Here’s a summary and update on our efforts to improve safety at a blind turn on the Keystone Trail

Several local bicyclists contacted Omaha Bikes this March about the blind turn on the Keystone Trail as it travels under 72nd St in between Dodge St and Pacific St. They identified several crashes where people were seriously injured and/or hospitalized. This section of the trail is maintained by Omaha Parks & Recreation Department, so we made contact with them in late March. We hadn’t received an official reply before a reporter from KETV emailed to ask about an in early April.

Omaha Bikes spoke with Parks Director Brook Bench and mutually agreed that installing signage improvements would be part of a solution to slow down bicycle traffic at this dangerous turn. With your response to this KETV article, we have since heard from the parks planning division that sign improvements are in process! We will be working to make sure these signs offer messaging to trail users to achieve the goal of slowing bicycle traffic down and remaining in the rightmost portion of the trail. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and ride safely!

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