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Owl Ride: On the Wings of a Bike

June 17th, 2015 | Author: Brittney Ryba
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owl ride recipient

“Once we are on the road, Katie is flying on the bike, hair blowing in the wind, a smile on her face,” shared Katie’s mother Julie Klemmensen. Katie participates in the Wheel Club through the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI). The Wheel Club, organized by MMI, receives funding through the Meyer Foundation for Disabilities (MFD) with money raised from the Owl Ride (Omaha with Lights). Money is used to purchase adaptive bikes and the truck that transports these bikes for the people who ride. Wheel Club riders go to various locations, but most recently Kate and Julie enjoyed a ride at Lake Zorinsky. Cycling improves physical, cognitive, social and emotional functioning for people with disabilities. The Wheel Club Cooking Club and Book Club are other successful recreational therapies that the MFD supports with proceeds from the Owl Ride.

Registering for the sixth annual Owl Ride not only benefits MFD, it promotes inclusion and living an active lifestyle. This cycling adventure can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities with a short-course of 8 miles and full-route of about 16 miles. It is a safe ride with the help of volunteers, such as course marshals, who play a part in making the night-time route as safe as it can be for its 2,000 participants.

The event includes a Bright Lights contest, team contests as well as the second year of the Bike Build Off, created by Bike Masters Cycling’s Hawaiian Assassin and Jimmy Fresh. Individuals can buy votes as they register for the Owl Ride or at the event to vote for the best custom made bike and they could win the bike they vote for.


Register as a rider today or if interested in volunteer opportunities please contact Those who register by June 22nd will receive a free Owl Ride t-shirt.

Brittney Ryba is the E-Commerce and Social Media Coordinator for Metro Credit Union. She is on the Owl Ride committee managing the event’s social media presence. The 2015 Owl Ride will be her third time participating in this event. Since childhood, Brittney has enjoyed riding her bike as she would ride bike to school, activities and on local bike trails. She loves how riding on a bike brings all the senses together with speed and the outdoors. As a mother of two little girls, she rides with her family at Lake Zorinsky and on the Wabash Trail.


Brittney (center) with her mom and sister at the 2014 Owl Ride.

CWS Bike Corral

June 4th, 2015 | Author: Dale Rabideau
Category: Bike to the Ballpark

Please consider volunteering for the College World Series bike corral. We provide valet parking at 14th and Fahey Sts, one block away from TD Ameritrade Park

CWS 2012

CWS 2012

The drop-off process:

  1. 1) customer signs in.
  2. 2) volunteer pulls number tag and write on sign in.
  3. 3) volunteer attaches number tag to bike.
  4. 4) volunteer gives number tag to customer.
  5. 5) volunteer parks bike.

Usually one works with the customer and pulls tags while another attaches tag to bike and parks it.

The pick-up process:

  1. Customer presents tag to volunteer.
  2. Volunteer gets bike and removes tag.
  3. Customer signs off on receiving bike.
  4. Volunteer puts tags together in stack.

If customer may stay later than 30 minutes beyond last game of day, have them lock their bike onto the fence at the back of the lot and don’t give them a tag.

What is the time commitment for volunteering?

The days are broken down into three 4 hour periods:

  • 12:30-4:30
  • 4:00-8:00
  • 7:30-10:30 (maximum one half hour past end of last game)

There are three positions available for each time slot:

  • shift captain
  • two assistants

Days available: Friday, June 12 through Wednesday, June 24

How to sign up for time slot?
Volunteer Spot website

cws volunteer page 1

Just sign up with your email address.

Next, click the sign-up button for the day and time you want to volunteer. Prefer shift captains have worked a previous time slot at bike valet.

cws volunteer page 2

Next, make sure to uncheck boxes at sign in page.

cws sign in


Please put in comments what time you will arrive/depart if not for the whole time period. Press save button at top right of comment page.

cws comment page 4

You can always log back in and change commitment time.

First shift will require tent, table, chairs to be set up. Last shift of day will require tent, tables, and chairs to be folded down and laid against fence, and entrance fence closed.

Thanks for serving people riding bikes. Please ride your bike to the corral. If you live too far away, consider parking at the Durham Museum lower parking lot and riding to the corral from there.

South Omaha Trail – June Update

June 4th, 2015 | Author: Dale Rabideau
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Did a quick recon of progress on the South Omaha Trail. Short answer: After trees were taken out in February and March, grading was done from end of D St. at 38th towards 36th St, sidewalk removed along 36th St to railroad viaduct with new 10′ sidepath started. Most of the hours were spent east of 36th St along I-80 bringing in dirt, crushed rock, and installing a 30″ culvert under trail to drain the south side of I-80. Most likely work crews are now busy on road projects. With good weather, i.e. not a lot of rain days, the trail should be completed by this December.

Looking southwest towards F St.
jun pic 2

Looking northeast down steep embankment where trail parallels railroad line.
jun pic 1

Looking west at 42nd St bridge.
jun pic 3

Looking east on D St towards 36th St.
jun pic 4

Looking west from 36th st towards D St.
jun pic 5

Looking south on 36th St.
jun pic 6

Looking south on 36th St.
jun pic 7

Looking east from 36th St along south side of I-80. The extra dirt was brought in from the Henry Doorly Zoo’s hill near its north entrance. Notice billboard at far end behind road grader to reference next pic.
jun pic 8

Looking west up hill at billboard post. This area where I’m standing needs about 15′ of fill for the 5% grade down to I-80 bridge underpass.
jun pic 10

Looking south over the 30″ main exit draining south side of I-80 towards 5′ culvert under railroad tracks.
jun pic 11

Looking northeast towards I-80 bridge.
jun pic 12

Nice artwork at north end of grain elevators at Vinton St.
jun pic 13

Looking south from Vinton St. towards I-80.
jun pic 14

Links to previous South Omaha Trail reports:
March 17, 2015
February 25, 2015 construction overview

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