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South Omaha Trail – March Update

March 17th, 2015 | Author: Dale Rabideau
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Here is an overview of the South Omaha Trail construction zone. The pictures start in the upper right corner and focus on the 90+ degree turn just south of I-80, with the last handful being just west of 42nd St.

bike route map snip

Current end of the Field Club Trail at Vinton St. Looking South along the West side of the elevator.
mar vinton st

The original elevator building for loading and unloading grain. If you look closely, the white painted silos are a slightly smaller diameter than the additions to the North and South.
mar elevator

The I-80 bridge.
mar I80 bridge

mar I80 bridge 2

mar I80 bridge 3

mar pic 1

Looking SouthWest.
mar pic 2

Parked car on top of I-80 bridge to get this SouthWest shot from above.
mar I80

Contrasted above pic with this one to get a good idea how big an area this turn will encompass.
mar pic 03

This is the blueprints for this turn. Notice how the trail winds around in order to check/slow one’s speed and provide a longer climb.

Zone I

Zone I

mar pic 04

mar pic 05

Looking towards South and culvert under RR tracks.
mar pic 06

1906 – this culvert has almost silted shut from I-80 construction and expansion over the years.
mar pic 08

Looking North – a 108′ long, 30″ culvert will a path under the trail for water from along I-80 to the RR culvert. The trail will be about 18′ above the culvert. The bank drop off will be 1′ down for every 3′ away from the trail.
mar pic 07

mar pic 09

mar pic 10

From the top looking East.
mar pic 11

mar pic 12

mar pic 14

Putting up black construction barriers to catch dirt, etc. Trail will be along right barrier.
mar pic 13

36th and D Sts looking West. All trees and stumps are removed.
mar pic 15

D St looking East to 36th St.
mar pic 16

Looking West at 42nd St bridge. Standing approximately where trail will come off side of bank.
mar pic 17

Trail will be 18′ above RR track under the bridge, which is approximately 6′ above the side support between the pillars.
mar pic 18

Just West of 42nd St bridge.
mar pic 19

Clearing trees and stumps before filling in trail corridor with dirt.
mar pic 20

mar pic 21

mar pic 22

Notice the old telephone pole at an angle.
mar pic 23

Another pole. I like pieces that provide historical note.
mar pic 24

Click here for first report and overview of the South Omaha Trail Phase 2.

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