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Off the Couch!

November 26th, 2012 | Author: Sam
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While searching for some bike rides over the Thanksgiving weekend, I came across the article that follows from Vogue. Have a look at it and then come back up here to read the rest of the post. When I first saw it, I thought it was great that Vogue was promoting cycling and was super curious about what it said. “Get off the couch and onto the bike!” Yes, my thoughts exactly. Then, I followed the link and saw the picture of the stationary bike that I could purchase for “a cool $2,200,” which I thought was a joke until I couldn’t find any other hint of humor/irony. Yuck.

I did end up going on a short bike ride. For me, it is always fun/funny to go out on a ride for the first time after it has actually turned cold (for a perpetually cold person like me, that means under 40 degrees F). In my mind, I imagine arctic-range temperatures and prepare accordingly. Then, I’ve got to subtract (either before, if I’m smart, or during the ride). If I start out and I’m a little cold, that usually means I’ll be OK after the first hill. On this ride, I wore a T-shirt, a long sleeve button-down shirt, a sweater, and a jacket. I was nice and toasty when I started the ride. After the first hill, I was too hot! I had to adjust. I find that a vest is one of the best things for me to wear in the winter. One this ride, I happened to bring one along. After swapping my sweater for the vest, I  felt much better.

The next thing I’ll look forward to is the shift to face-freezing weather when I need my face mask, which I’ll remember is in my drawer at home only after my mouth can no longer form words. Maybe writing it down here will help me remember to grab it. Here’s hoping!


Thanksgiving Aftermath: Get Off the Couch and Onto the Bike

by Sarah Brown


SoulCycle bikePhoto: Courtesy of SoulCycle

It’s tempting to sit around and do nothing (did someone say Homeland?) in the several blissfully free days following Thanksgiving. Unless you are building muscle tone while fighting off shopping-crazed people in line on Black Friday, it’s safe to say that the long weekend is a fairly exercise-free zone. But now that SoulCycle has started selling their stationary bikes—the actual custom model from their New York and Los Angeles studios—that may be about to change. For a cool $2,200 (hand weights included), there is no longer any good excuse for not burning 450 calories in the space of about an hour. Can’t quite make it to Danny Kopel’s 7:00 a.m. class in Union Square? SoulCycle has not yet infiltrated your town? No problem. If you miss “the energy of the pack” around you, try downloading one of the gratis playlists off

SoulCycle reports that upwards of 1,000 people—in cities from Fort Lauderdale and San Francisco to Scottsdale and Dallas—have called in to show interest. One New Yorker—Lady Gaga—has already bought two bikes.

So, have some more candied yams. You can burn them off tomorrow (or tonight).

The SoulCycle stationary bike, $2,200;

Processes and Romanticizing

November 2nd, 2012 | Author: Sam
Category: Bike Commuting, Community

In the latest edition of the podcast on The Crux, Jay Leighter chats with Mick Milson and Sarah McKinstry-Brown. Mick has a one-man show coming up, see the poster on the left, on November 9 at 7 p.m. in the Lied Center for the Arts on Creighton’s campus. It’s free.

Jay has posted two conversations with these two folks: the first is about Mick’s poetry and how he used art, in part, to recover from addiction; in the second conversation, these three talk more broadly about goals, processes of achieving them, and sometimes romanticizing those processes. Jay connects these ideas to his project, to bike to work for a year and blog about it. The second one is more relevant to this blog on Omaha Bikes, but the first one will help you stay in touch with your community. So, check them both out if you have time.

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